IHOC Quake Match Mode

This document describes the Match Mode (timed matches with team scoring) for IHOC Quake.  All features are preliminary and subject to change. Contact IHOC if you have any ideas for how to make it better.

For now, only admins can start or manage matches.
Match Commands
MATCH-START Enter match mode; players choose teams, admin sets rules
MATCH-START Begin the match
MATCH-PAUSE Pause the match -- players can join or change teams
MATCH-RESUME Resume the paused match
MATCH-END End the match immediately, announcing winner
MATCH-CANCEL Exit match mode
MATCH-TIME Show time remaining in match (anybody can do this)

How Do I work This?

The usual procedure for running a match is as follows:
  1. Log in as Admin, or VOTE-ELECT an Admin
  3. Players choose teams by setting their pants color
  5. ROOT-TIMELIMIT (if necessary)
  6. ROOT-FRAGLIMIT (if necessary)
  7. MATCH-START (again)
When the match starts, anybody whose color is White (COLOR 0) will be observer, and cannot enter the match.  Everybody else will be a player, on the team determined by their pants color.

All points scored (or lost) by any player are awarded to (or deducted from) that player's team.  The scores shown in the tab list are team scores.

Whenever a player leaves the game during a match, the match will be paused.  At this point observers or new players can join the game, usually to replace the lost player (or the same player could re-connect and re-join his team).  The departing player's frags are not deducted from his team's score.  An admin must use MATCH-RESUME to resume the match when everybody is ready.

The match ends when any of the following occurs:

When the match ends, the team scores and winner are announced.  If no team has more than zero points, there is no winner.

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